Zen Painter

Zen Painter is a prototype painting app. Painting is generative, meaning brushes will take into account mouse speed and angle of the stroke. Sit back and let go, be creative with how you can control the stroke.

If you draw anything cool be sure to show and tweet me @kartik_2d

Have fun ~

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsHand-drawn, Sandbox


painter.app.zip 2 MB
painter.exe 2 MB


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i love this! so satisfying to paint, it's like pouring paint from a can

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can u add  a rubber 

Youre game bugged my goddamn computer it still thinks its on i cant delete it

so this is a glitch i wanted to see what happens if you cover the screen in black. After 10 minuets i decided to get rid of it annnnd...this is what i got  yeeeeeeeeeaaaahh...and time for a bones drawing!super sus (uwu

hey love this game while i listen to the song lily by Alan walker uwu



Hey there! I saw this game and it is pretty cool. One small question though. Is it made with Game Maker? No problem with using GM and I develop using it too. If it is, then this is a fine example of how amazing it can be. What gave it away? The loading screen. nothing wrong with the default loading screen(I use it too). Just wanted to tell you you are doing a good job! Keep it up.


I'm very much a fan of the attention to stroke speed in this game. It's a lot of fun, and great practice


Beautiful And Very Relaxing After Hours Of Hard-Core Gaming!

Beautiful And Very Relaxing After Hours Of Hard-Core Gaming!

make it to where there is a way to change the size of your brush

make it to where there is a way to change the size of your brush


Very cool idea. I'd liked to see where this goes in the future.

wow!!! thanks for the vid!!

Can you add a realistic brush, and we can set the size


... not realistic


Not realistic, but its fun :D

They should put a system of saving, so to save the progress of the drawing, as well as being able to save it as a jpg file and others, very good work, I hope and keep polishing this!

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This is incredible

Deberian poner un sistema de guardado, para así poder guardar el progreso de el dibujo, asi como tambien poder guardarlo como archivo jpg y demas, muy buen trabajo, espero y sigan puliendo esto!

This is awesome. I just made an eye. (Attempted a face but I messed up bad...)



This looks amazing, good job!